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Mysterious Hole In Bosnia

Recently, another mysterious hole appeared in the remote village of Sanica, northwestern Bosnia on November 2013. The "abyss" - that's what the local villagers called it - has been swallowing up a 20 meter village pond overnight. The pond usually filled with fishes and bobbing with green algae with willow trees lined around it, but now the beautiful pond was gone replaced by a large hole with diameter around 50 metres and 30 metres deep.

Rezak Matonic, one of the villager said he was shocked when he found a large mysterious crater where the village pond used to be. It's like something from a science fiction movie: a sinkhole swallowed the water, the fish and even nearby trees.

Cemal Hasan, one of the eyewitnesses said that at the time of the incident he was sitting by the pool while sipping plum brandy, and then suddenly there was panic. Fish were jumping out, and a big plum tree suddenly disappeared as if someone were pulling it down from the bottom of the pond.

Large sinkhole in the village of Sanica, Bosnia

The scientists say the sinkhole could be caused by the drying of groundwater flow, or change due to irrigation and it is not rare that ponds and small lakes suddenly disappear because of it. Milanko Skrbic also offered an explanation of how the sinkhole appeared, he said maybe a giant underground cave that opened its doors. Or a volcano.

Another theory one that experts dismiss along with the others proposed by townsfolk is that fish could have triggered the explosion of one of several World War II German bombs believed to have been thrown into the pond by an old woman after the war. According to Cemal Hasan's story, the old woman died when one of the bombs exploded in her arms.

However, some villagers still not convinced with the explanations, instead they connect the incident with the ghost story.

"About a month ago, Hasan, the owner of the pond died. Maybe he took it with him. Because few days before Hasan passed away he said that he will take everything with him when he die. And that's what he did," Motanic said. "His daughter saw him walk on the pond the night he died."

Husein Nanic said it could be a sign that the end of the world is near: "All sort of miracles happen before the doomsday," he said.


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