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The 13th Door Haunted House

The 13th Door Haunted House, a seasonal haunted house attraction was used to be a Washington Square's old Regal Cinema, built in the 1970’s which located at 10125 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard, Oregon 97223, next to the Bank of America. The grayish hulk of a building has four cavernous theatres and an elongated room upstairs where the projector rooms used to be located. Prior employees of the movie theater insist they have experienced an unexplained phenomena, including the faint sounds of a music box, doors opening and slamming on their own, being pushed down the stairs, children’s muddy handprints on the film screens, and film reels flying off their projectors and being flung toward employees.

Ray Latocki, the owner and operator of the 13th Door, said, "The hauntings are nothing but a big plus for me!. Doing a haunted house in a facility that is already haunted brings me a lot more customers."

The 13th Door Haunted House

According to Pacific Paranormal Research Society, as of 2011, the building has been demolished. There is one recorded death on the property and that is of a woman who O.D.’d in her van in the parking lot during a summer heat wave in the 1980’s (and according to security staff, was not found until 2 weeks later). Past employees from when it was the Regal Theatre claim that a young man hung himself upstairs in what is called the “Blue Room,” even though no records have proven this.

There are approximately five ghosts that have been documented and encountered here. There is an older, grumpy man in black that is nicknamed “Lurch,” a little girl aged 8 to 10 in a pioneer dress, a woman in her 30s, a young man in his late 20s, and a “ghost cat.” There is a legend of a young man committing suicide in the brightly painted blue storage room located upstairs. Although the police claim to have no recollection of this, prior theater employees say it is indeed true.

Latocki admits that some of the ghosts he rubs elbows with can be a trite rambunctious. "I don’t mind the cold refrigerated breezes, the tapping, touching, footsteps, voices, dark shadows, or when they steal or bring me my building materials,” he says with a laugh. “But I have had employees refuse to work in Theatre One and have threatened to quit after one night in there. Plus, I’ve heard quite a few of my customers describe to me in awe about the wisps of white that were running after them through the haunt. They think it’s some amazing sort of special effect or illusion, but, believe me, I could not create something like that on my own!"

With regard to the 13th Door Haunted House ghost flashlight tours, the Pacific Paranormal Research Society comments that they cannot guarantee that you will see, feel or hear any ghosts, however the ghostly activity has proved to be mischievous and fairly regular throughout the years.

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