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Jinn from Arab Who Has a Twitter Account

In June 2013, a twitter account named @s_2017_s has sparked an online frenzy because the owner of the account claim he is a real Jinn (genie) who lives in Saudi Arabia and want to befriend with humans. At that time his follower has boasting over 100,000 followers. He also upload pictures of his residence from 100 years ago. Some photos showed an old farm in Yemen which he claims was like heaven.

His twitter account is titled "I am a real Jinn” and says: To all humans… I am the first Jinn to use Twitter… some might think that I am pretending and that I am human… actually, I am a real Jinn and you will see wonders in the future on my Twitter account. I am a real Jinn who likes to be a brother to all humans. I am peaceful and do not like to hurt anyone. I like to mingle with humans and know their behavior. I live in a deserted house in Saudi Arabia.”

Screenshot of the Jinn's Twitter Account (@s_2017_s)

The Saudi Arabic language "Daily Ajel" which first publish this phenomena reported that there was a user tried to interact with the Jinn's account using a pseudonym but surprisingly, the Jinn's account quickly reveal the identity of the person who tried to deceive him. "He mentioned my real full name and where I live, including the name of the neighborhood and the city. I was shocked and instantly uttered prayers," said the anonymous user.

One of the pics show a farm in Yemen which he claim from 100 years ago.
(Courtesy: Daily Ajel via Emirates247)

Until Friday (19 July 2013), the account already has 183.034 followers and tweet 309 times, but he is not follow anyone account. However, now the Jinn's twitter account (@s_2017_s) has been suspended for unknown reason.

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  1. Sounds a bit racist to say this jinn is from Arabia.. since most westerners think the jinn are made up by Arabs.. In reality the jinn live everywhere all over the planet by different names, the westerners call them fairies or simply "demon" which is also racist to the jinn.


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