Mystery of the Smoking Rock

In February 2013, Luo Yuanshui found a strange looking stone in the mountains of Shangyou, Southeast China. He claims that the head-shaped rock can inhale a cigarette in five minutes. When the first time he found it, his instinct was to place a cigarette in what looked like a mouth.

Naturally, cigarettes with variations for length and brand, take around six minutes to burn down if left unsmoked. But somehow his nicotine-loving rock puffs them even faster, said Mr. Luo.

This mysterious rock can smoke a cigarette in under five minutes

Mr Luo, from Fujian province, shows the 2.2kg (4.9lb) marvel to visitors, with an ashtray close by so it can indulge its vice. A lot of visitors -including a couple who appeared transfixed by the geological marvel- interested with its haggard appearance, because it certainly looks like a hardened smoker and until now mystery still surrounds the nicotine-addicted rock.

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