The Haunted Store in Crawley

The Asda store in Crawley, West Sussex, built in 2003 on the site of the demolished St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is said by staff and customers to be haunted, because there was also an old graveyard nearby the church which already been removed. Before the store was open 24 hours, the night staff often spoke of other-worldly occurrences after closing time. Items have also been seen flying off shelves. Unexplained phenomena experienced ranges from strange noises, dramatic drops in temperature, flickering lights, and ghostly figures. Workers have reported numerous ghoulish going-ons including a man in a black cape walking around the aisles.

Store manager Mark Winterflood said: "Some very spooky happenings are reported in here on a regular basis. "One of the most common is a tall man who wears a massive black coat and black hat strolling through the centre aisles of the store before disappearing.

The Haunted Asda Store
"We never used to be a 24-hour store, and when the store shut up for the night, that's when the majority of the sightings would happen. It would really freak the overnight workers out.

"When the site was a church, the graveyard was situated near where the bakery and warehouses are, and that is where the majority of things have been reported."

A staff member said: "there is something weird going on. Things seem to happen especially when staff are on their own in a room. They say they feel like they are being watched, then a heavy safety door will randomly shut."

Later, the store managers called in a Pagan priest in order to try and exorcise the ghosts, one of whom is believed to be a serial killer buried in the old church's graveyard.

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