Wisconsin's Giant Skeletons

In May of 1912, an archeological dig overseen by Beloit College of more than two hundred effigy burial mounds near Lake Delavan on Lake Lawn farm unearthed eighteen bizarre skeletal remains of what appeared to be a lost race of giants. According to The New York Times May 4, 1912 news article: "Today, 18 skeletons of a “hitherto Unknown race were found in a mound at Lake Delavan in southern Wisconsin. The skulls of the skeletons (those which were presumed to be the males) were unusually large. The various lengths of the skeletons uncovered were not revealed." As originally reported in the May 4th, 1912 edition of the New York Times, the skulls of these seven to nine-foot skeletons were elongated, with protruding nasal bones and long, pointed jaw bones. They were enormous. These were not average human beings. Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America today. They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in different races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.

Why have so many giant remains been found in Wisconsin? It is noteworthy that the Sioux Indians have legends which claim that ages ago their forefathers slaughtered a race of giants in a battle in Minnesota. In fact many Indian legends throughout America recount how, before their people inhabited this land, a race of giants lived here, whom the Indians overwhelmed and wiped out in a war of genocide. The Indian stories find confirmation in Greek, Hindu, Chinese and Incan literature.

Interestingly there is another giant skeleton which has been unearthed nearly eight decade before, in 1833 a work party of soldiers was ordered to dig a foundation for a powder magazine at an army outpost on Lompock Ranchero, in California. Their spades barely broke the surface when suddenly the soldiers came upon a layer of carefully placed stone and gravel. Breaking through this with bars and picks, the workers came upon an astounding sight. Below was a stone coffin surrounded by carved shells, a massive stone axe, large flint spear points, and several tablets of porphyry covered with an unknown script. But what the soldiers could not believe is what was lying in the coffin: the skeleton of a man who in life would have stood over 12 feet tall. A priest from a local Spanish mission was summoned by the commanding officer, to see if he could read the stones with writing, and determine the giant's origin. Though versed in several European languages and Church Latin, the padre found the script alien, and could only repeat the Bible passages concerning the days of old when "giants were in the earth" when he examined the bones.

The Indians in a nearby settlement, heard of the find, and the shaman or "medicine man" of the tribe try to explain the mystery of the giant's origin. The bones, he said, were that of an "Alhegewi", a race of titans who according to their legends had occupied the land before the Indians, and who the Indians wiped out in a war of extermination. The shaman demanded that the bones be turned over to his tribe, for the spirit of great strength and cunning were still in them, to be worshiped and rekindled by his people. But a potential uprising was the last thing the commander of the outpost wanted, so-as one of the officers who witnessed the events later recorded—the commander gave the bones and artifacts to the priest at the local mission, and he reburied them in a secret place. They have yet to be rediscovered today.

The Indian legend which the shaman told is not just an isolated story, but is a tradition found among many Indian nations across North America. The Piutes of Nevada still speak today with strong distaste about a race of red-haired giants called by them the Sitecah, with whom their forefathers once fought. Finding no land to expand for their people, and constantly harassed by roving bands of these giants, the Piute of long ago allied with other inter-mountain tribes, and attacked the Sitecah. A long and bloody war ensued, with great casualties on both sides.

Eventually the large numbers of Indians outweighed the superior strength and cunning of the giants, and the Sitecan were driven into the Pit River area near Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta-where they disappeared from history.

Other Indian legends, of the mid-west and east, record a war of even greater intensity. What is most interesting is that the Indians identify the ruins of the Mound Builders--those tens of thousands of mysterious earthworks found scattered throughout the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio river valleys, from Georgia to Minnesota and from Nebraska to West Virginia-as having belonged to the giants. This contradicts modern conservative opinion which theorizes that the mound constructions were done by the ancestors of the Indians themselves. Some Indians say yes, their forefathers did indeed work on the earthworks--but as slaves to the giants, who were the real masterminds, while other Indians, especially the Sioux, Deleware and Iroquois, claim it was their ancestral peoples who defeated the giants and ended their mound-building projects. In fact it has been in many of the ancient mounds found in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Minnesota that giant skeletons and artifacts were unearthed.

There Were Giants on the Earth compiled by Glen W. Chapman

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