Little Green Spacemen

According to an article of the Newcastle Journal which published on 9 June 1964, there were strange event goings-on upon Leam Lane Farm in Felling, eastern Gateshead on 2 June. Approximately at 05:30 p.m., a 14-year-old boy named David Wilson claimed to have seen about half a dozen dwarf-like creatures who stood within twenty meters of him on a haystack. They were two feet high, dresses in green and with hands like lit electric bulbs, running around a haystack and digging down into it as if looking for the proverbial needle.

Other children in the sector also claimed to have seen these humanoids. One girl claimed to have sighted a silvery disc-shaped object, about the size of a car, taking off with a spinning motion and giving off an orange glow. Another said that she had seen the dwarf's leader; he was dressed in black and carried a baton with pink stripes on it. Yet another girl claimed to have witnessed a small man sitting on top of a barn. Another group of kids said that they had seen a tiny alien riding around the place on the back of a cow.

A view across Leam Lane to the farm, where fairy-like spacemen
were reported running around a haystack and riding cows
Interestingly, a month later, on July 13 1964 an article published by Liverpool Echo with headline "Little Folk and Flying Saucers". According to the reporter, "scores of excited youngsters" had "invaded" their offices on 10 July, babbling about having seen a strange object in the sky which changed colour of its lights from red to silver, and was moving slowly at first, then very fast". While others, told of having seen leprechauns, which had presumably come out of the spaceships; they said they were about 20 cm tall, wore red and green tunics and knee breeches, and talked with a strong Irish accent.

However, since only children claimed to witnessed those events then the stories considered as a hoax.

Fortean Times Magazine Vol. 299 April 2013: "Invasion of the Diddymen" written by SD Tucker;

Pic Source:
Fortean Times Magazine Vol. 299 April 2013: "Invasion of the Diddymen" written by SD Tucker page 29

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