Sightings of the Lake Tianchi Monster

Lake Tianchi also known as Heaven Lake in North East China is said to be the lair of dragons. It is located in the peak of Baekdu Mountain within the Baekdudaegan and Changbai mountain ranges encompassing Jilin Province of China and Ryanggang Province of North Korea. Lake Tianchi is formed in the crater of a volcano that last erupted in the 8th Century, and is apparently a barren lake with little fish to support such huge creatures.

Reports date back to the early of 20th century. The first reported sighting was in 1903. A large buffalo-like creature attacked three people, but after it was shot six times, the creature then retreated under the water.

Chinese researchers claim to have collected 100 reports between 1962 and 1994.

In August 1980, a party of meteorologists saw a large animal with a 3-foot neck, a cow-shaped head, and a duck-shaped beak.

In early January 1987, a group of fifty tourists was surprised when a lake monster surfaced near the eastern shore. One witness, Shen Ruder, said it roared like a locomotive and sprayed water out of its nose.

Illustration of Dragon
Photos and a video of a dragon-like animal were taken on September 2, 1994. The creature swam for ten minutes on the surface, raising waves 6 feet high.

Four black animals were seen frolicking in the lake by more than 200 people in 1996 and were allegedly captured on film by photographer Wang Ling.

In 2004 there was a mass sighting when no less than five hundred people saw the creature leaping from the water. It was serpentine in form with a horse-like head and black scales. The following year a number of soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army saw a blackish green serpent-like creature in the lake.

In 2007, Zhuo Yongsheng, a Chinese TV reporter said he had filmed a 20-minute video of six unidentified creatures in the volcanic lake on 6 September. Later, he sent still photos to Xinhua's Jilin provincial bureau. According to a news report one of these showed the six creatures swimming in parallel in three pairs. Another one of them featured the animals closer together, leaving circular ripples on the lake surface.

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