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Legend of Alas Purwo

For the citizens of Banyuwangi (East Java, Indonesia), Alas Purwo is famous as one of the haunted places. Local villagers believed, there is a genies/demons palace in Alas Purwo where all genies and demons in Java gathered. Even the local villagers often see ghost sightings and other unexplained phenomena. Alas Purwo National Park is situated on Blambangan Peninsula in Banyuwangi regency, at the southeastern tip of East Java province. The park is famous for its wild Banteng (bull) and surfing location at Grajakan Bay. Alas Purwo means the first forest or ancient forest.

There is an ancient story that mentions Ajisaka in the past visting the Java island, he is one of the important figures or the predecessor King in the land of Java. At that time there was an old story that Ajisaka get Suryaloka revelation to establish a state or kingdom and his descendants will be king as successor in Alas Purwo. Suryaloka revelation given because during Ajisaka rule as a king, the state or kingdom will experience disaster which led to destroy the kingdom. Then Ajisaka meditate and get a guidance to enter Alas Purwo.

Location of Alas Purwo (Orange area)

Short stories Ajisaka sent his troops into Alas Purwo three times, but all of them did not come back, until finally Ajisaka leading his own troops entering Alas Purwo. Upon arriving in Alas Purwo precisely on the shoreline, all Ajisaka troops mysteriously disappeared, only Ajisaka himself who is still alive. When Ajisaka want to enter Alas Purwo, suddenly he was greeted with Suryadharma or better known as the reincarnation of Bathara Vishnu. By the guidance of Bathara Vishnu, Ajisaka advised not to enter into Alas Purwo directly, but it is recommended before entering Alas Purwo he should go into Alas Ketonggo first. But because Ajisaka already affected by the black aura coming out from the dimensional gate of Alas Purwo, then Ajisaka did not follow the advice of Bathara Vishnu and entering Alas Purwo directly. After he enter the dimensional gate of Alas Purwo, he disappeared and trapped there until now.

Each year, hundreds and even thousands of Hindus from Bali and Banyuwangi visiting the temple which situated in the middle of the Alas Purwo. In fact, when the 1st Suro or Javanese new year, many people who come to the Alas Purwo to meditate, or just looking for a guidance, especially when the full moon comes.

It is rumored that there is three sacred weapon hidden inside the Alas Purwo which guarded by a powerful demon called Kala. Kala has a kingdom named Purwakala, so anyone or even gods will not be able to enter into Purwakala easily. This is because of the sacred weapons act as the royal seal. The sacred weapons are:
  • Sacred Spear Shang Talaka
It has triangular pointy shape with small circles under the eye of the spear and wrapped in shiny white light.

  • Shang Sung Holy Weapon
It has the crescent-shaped with 1 meter diameter. The sacred weapon wrapped in a very white light and smelled with sweet fragrance around it.

  • Keris Raja Negara
It looks like Keris Bali and it is one of the Keris which belongs to the King Syailendra dynasty era.

Alas Purwo or Holy Purwakala is one of the mystical kingdom in Java. If any person dare to enter the kingdom with bad intention, then that person will never be able to enter the unseen kingdom. Instead that person will be lost and circling around Alas Purwo.

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