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Julius Obsequens The First UFO Investigators

Julius Obsequens, a Roman writer was one of the world's first UFO investigators who is believed to have lived in the middle of the fourth century AD. The only work associated with his name is the Liber de prodigiis (Book of Prodigies), completely extracted from an epitome, or abridgment, written by Livy; De prodigiis was constructed as an account of the wonders and portents that occurred in Rome between 249 BC-12 BC. He began recording strange events in the year 222 BC, when two Roman consuls observed “a great light, like day, at midnight, when three moons appeared in quarters of the sky distant from each other.”

Obsequens eventually recorded dozens of accounts, often referring to the strange objects as shields, ships, or burning torches—all objects that were familiar to people in Roman society at the time. 

In 216 BC, he wrote of another sighting: “Things like ships were seen in the sky over Italy . . . At Arpi, a round shield was seen in the sky . . . At Capua, the sky was all on fire, and one saw figures like ships.”

In 100 BC, Obsequens writes:

"When C. Murius and L. Valerius were consuls, in Tarquinia towards sunset, a round object, like a globe, a round or circular shield, took its path in the sky from west to east."

In 91 BC, he reports that:

"At Aenariae, while Livius Troso was promulgating the laws at the beginning of the Italian war, at sunrise, there came a terrific noise in the sky, and a globe of fire appeared burning in the north. In the territory of Spoletum, a globe of fire, of golden color, fell to the earth gyrating. It then seemed to increase in size, rose from the earth and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the sun with its brilliance. It revolved toward the eastern quadrant of the sky."

Finally, Obsequens provided another example of this phenomenon for the year 42 BC, stating simply that:

"something like a sort of weapon, or missile, rose with a great noise from the earth and soared into the sky."


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