25 Students Possessed by Spirit After Playing Jailangkung

On early September 2014, a total of 25 students of State Elementary School (SDN) 02 Susukan, Ciracas, East Jakarta, had possession after playing Jailangkung (Jelangkung). Kasirin, The headmaster of SDN 02 Susukan, said that the strange incident occurred at 10:00 pm when students are resting. Based on his statement, some of the 6th grade male students playing  jelangkung by using paper and money as offering to the spirit.

When trying to summon spirits with the phrase "datang tak dijemput, pulang tak diantar" and it turns out that students do not complete the ritual, and then the unfortunate event occurred.

They were possessed by spirits for around 40 minutes. Some of them running around, crying, and the rest of them shouting hysterically," he said.

Jailangkung doll

The school teachers was shocked with the behavior of dozens of 12 years old students. Immediately, they were calling religious leaders nearby the school. After having recited prayers, dozens of the possessed students began to calm.

Worries similar events occurred again and widespread to other students, the schools then asked all of their students to return to their homes.




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