Grando the Slovenian Vampire

Jure Grando was the first vampire to be mentioned in classical records. The Slovenian writer Janez Valvasor wrote about him in a book published in 1689. Erasmus Franciscus in his commentary on the Baron Valvasor’s work Die Ehre des Herzogthums Krain (1698),  mentions an interesting and famous urban legend from the district of Kranj in Carniola, Slovenia. A relatively wealthy landowner named Jure Grando of Istria had always been a hard worker and was well-liked around the various villages and in the neighbouring city. However, around his 60th year, he was suddenly taken with a strange disease and subsequently died. 

Map of Slovenia

About two weeks or so after his death, people were wakened from a sound sleep by a heavy weight landing on their chest and by pricking and pinching pains around their throats. There was no doubt in their minds that these had been caused by Grando, as several of them had dreamed about the landowner at the same time. The ecclesiastical authorities were approached and decreed that his grave should be opened, even though he’d been buried for several months. When this was done, it was found that the body was extremely fresh and flaccid and with a ruddy complexion. In fact, he looked as though he was simply sleeping. And as they gazed at the body, it appeared that the dead man’s lips quivered and he smiled or bared his teeth. He even parted his lips as if to breathe. And to add to their horror, the eyes of the corpse suddenly opened, whereupon all those present fell to their knees and began to recite sacred litanies against evil. 

A priest then raised a crucifix above his face and intoned “Raise thine eyes and look upon Jesus Christ who hath redeemed us from the pains of hell by His most Holy Passion and His precious Death upon the Rood.” At first, the dead man looked confused, then an expression of intense sadness crossed his face and tears began to flow down his cheeks. After a solemn commendation of his soul and at a sign from the priest, the head of the vampire was struck from the body with a spade. The headless body jerked and convulsed as if it had been alive. After that, his former neighbours were no longer troubled in their sleep.

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