Metallic Sphere UFO Sighting Over California

On September 2014, a Sphere-like UFO with three antennas hovering over California was photographed and sent to MUFON with detailed witness testimony as follows :

"Coming home about 18.55 when I pulled into my driveway. Above and beyond my neighbors home I noticed a bright orb hovering. It reflected the sunset orange, and that is why I noticed it; besides it was a completely clear blue sky. I thought it could be a balloon or some sort of odd looking helicopter, but it didn't have any rotors. It appeared to have rods or antenna coming out of it.

I went to my backyard to get a better view. I appeared to be less than a mile away over residences. I got my camera about 5 min later and set up my tripod. I took a few photos.

Metallic Sphere UFO
Then got my video camera and began to shoot video too for about 20 min. Over the approx 45 Minute that I watched it, there was some wavering like it was being affected by air movement. At times it would descend behind a large tree, then reappear slowly as it came out from behind the tree.

The object remained relatively stable then started to slowly drift away to the SW until I couldn't see it anymore because it was too dark. I was intrigued by it. My photos showed that it indeed had 3 rods coming from it."

Mysterious Spherical Object on The Painting of Bonaventura Salimbeni
Interestingly this UFO similar with unknown spherical object on the painting of Bonaventura Salimbeni called "The Glorification of Eucharist". The painting showed the trinity members is holding each of the antennae with one of their hand. The antennae itself is attached into a sphere object.

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