Taulas of Menorca

On the Balearic island of Menorca there is T-shaped stone monument called the Taulas of Menorca. This mysterious monument found scattered around the island. Taulas consist of a vertical pillar (a monolith or several smaller stones on top of each other) with a horizontal stone lying on it. Its heights can be up to 3.7 metres high and sometimes a U-shaped wall encloses the structure. It is thought that the taulas were erected by the ancient inhabitants of the island at some point after 2000 B.C., there is no concrete evidence as to why the structures were built or why they are found only on Menorca and not on neighboring islands. 

A taula from the archaeological site Talatì de Dalt

Their exact cultural meaning remains unknown, but they probably had religious and/or astronomical purposes. Waldemar Fenn, a German archaeologist, has pointed out that the taulas all faced south, leading him to speculate that they were erected as a religious monument to measure the movement of the moon. His theory became known as the Taula Moon Theory. Archaeologist Michael Hoskin has suggested the taulas may have been part of an ancient healing cult.

However, the sites were also home to a few intriguing bronze statues, including a bull, an Egyptian figurine with an inscription in hieroglyphics reading, "I am Imhotep the god of medicine" and horse hooves. The latter is particularly curious as there is no known horse god in ancient Mediterranean cultures.


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