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Mysterious Shining Whirlpool at Wedi Ombo Beach

Residents around Wedi Ombo Beach, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul in Central Java, Indonesia, startled by the appearance of a whirlpool which emits light from the middle of the ocean. The mysterious light appear for two consecutive days since Sunday (11/09/2014). Sunu Handaka Bayu, one of the members of Search and Rescue Teams of Wedi Ombo Beach, said that the first light was seen by Sudadi. At that time, Sudadi, which is also the SAR Team personnel, was on guard and saw a whirlpool in the middle of the ocean with shiny white light.

According to Sunu, the location of the whirlpool is about 500 meters from the beach. Shaped like a top, in the form of a vortex that emit great white light. On Monday night (11/10/2014) the strange phenomenon reappeared. This time it appears around 07:30 pm until 09:00 pm. "At first, local residents who have not seen it does not believe, then the second day when it appears again they were shocked because they never seen it before," he said.

Aerial view of Wedi Ombo Beach
After the mysterious shining whirlpool appear for two days, on Tuesday night, the SAR team and local residents including some journalists deliberately waiting at Wedi Ombo Beach. However, until 21:00 pm, it does not appear again.

In fact, after coordination with the other SAR team, near Wedi Ombo Beach, two days ago, none of them were saw the white light from the sea. "So, the mysterious light only appear on Wedi Ombo Beach because the other SAR team did not see it," he said.

Until now, the mysterious events can not be explained scientifically. Some species of single-celled plankton called dinoflagellates glowing when disturbed. Tide, storm, swimming marine life and ships passing by can cause large amounts of plankton to produce light simultaneously. However, the light which produced by the plankton does not too bright.


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