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Joliet The Cursed Doll

According to legend, for four generations the women in Anna G’s family have been cursed to keep up a cruel tradition. Each daughter gives birth to two children, a boy and a girl. In each case, the son mysteriously dies on its third day of life. Anna’s been told that a doll named Joliet was given to her then-pregnant great-grandmother by a vengeful friend. Soon after, her great-grandmother gave birth to a boy, only to have it die on day three. It's also believed that the doll would then capture the souls of the deceased children in its body, and it would then be heard crying. The family believes that each spirit of the boy children is cursed to inhabit the doll until Judgment Day. 
In August 1945, the doll did the first paranormal thing. It giggled as the owner's cat walked by her feet. Family pets always hid, and wanting to stay away from the doll.

Anna said, she lost her only son at three days old from mysterious circumstance in the hospital. Her mother lost her Son the same way as did her Grandmother and Great Grandmother. The sound of infants crying and screaming come from the doll. It can be heard quite clearly. She said, her family have not tried to get rid of it because they know the souls of their lost sons are trapped inside and do not want them to come to any harm. It is a haunted curse that her family bares.


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