Busby's Cursed Chair

Inside the Thirsk Museum in the tiny village of Thirsk, which located in North Yorkshire, England, there sits a valuable antique chair of Thomas Busby. The infamous chair also known as the 'Chair of Death'. According to local legend, the chair is cursed with an astonishing and lethal power and anyone who dares sit in it will meet an untimely end soon after. In 1978 the chair was ultimately hung from the ceiling of Thirsk Museum in order to prevent anyone from sitting on it.

The legend begins with a man named Thomas Busby who had been sentenced to die. In 1702, he was arrested, tried and condemned to death after he murdered his father-in-law Daniel Auty. On his way to the gallows, he asked to stop by the pub as his last request. When he finished, he said "May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair." The execution's site was also said to be haunted by Busby's ghost. 

The Chair of Death inside the Thirsk Museum

During World War II, airmen from an nearby base made the pub a hot spot, and the chair became a "hot seat" and people noticed that the ones who sat in it would never come back from war. In 1967, two Royal air force pilots sat in it, and while driving back, they crashed into a tree and died. A few years later, two brick layers decided to try it, and that afternoon, the one who sat in it fell to his death. In 1970s some fatal accidents were also linked with the chair. It is said that for some time prior to death, the person who sat in the chair experiences haunting experiences, including extreme itching, paranoia, hearing things, confusion, items being moved and written warnings on mirrors and walls about the persons imminent death in addition to many other strange happenings.

Finally in 1978 the landlord asked for the chair to be removed to the Thirsk Museum, and hung out of harm’s way. To this day the chair is mounted high up on the wall of the Thirsk Museum and no one has been allowed to sit in it, no matter how much they offer for the thrill.


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