Legend of The Devil's Kitchen

In Tallapoosa, Georgia there is a mysterious place called Devil's Kitchen which located about one mile off of U.S. Highway 78 on Old Ridgeway Road. At first, it was known as The Devils' Water because the moonshine that was made in the creek valley. There is a winding creek that falls away into the deep canopy of oak trees, and as the visitors follow it down, the creek then runs into a small canyon of sorts. This is where the moonshine was made. Behind the name itself surrounded with legend and the stories of Witchcraft and Satanic cult which have taken place in that area, even though none of the stories has ever been proven.

Witnesses report hearing the screams of a woman that was murdered there in the 1940's by her boyfriend and another man because they were all involved in a robbery.  

The Devils' Kitchen

In 1962 a woman named Mary Moore Newman was taken to an area just behind Key’s Castle and she was strangled because of an affair that wasn’t going as planned. Then, they took her body to a well, near Friendship Church, in Muscadine, Alabama, where she was later found by the game warden in 1963 as he walked by the well. Around her body were deer heads that had been placed there by the poachers. The legend says that you can hear her screams for help in the woods around the area of the Kitchen.

While crossing the bridge before keys castle a young man in a blue windbreaker can be seen on the bridge. Legend states that the young man and his friends were drinking and driving and he was put out as a prank because of the screams from the girl killed in the 40's. He fell off the bridge and drowned in the river. He can be seen waiting for his friends to return to pick him up.

Then, in the mid-1980s, there was a large flood in the area. A mother and her two children rounded the curve, not knowing that the water was raging over the bridge. Her car was swept downstream. The mother managed to get the children out of the car and placed them atop the roof. She went for help. When she returned, her two children had been swept away, far down to the depths of the Kitchen.

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