Telemaco Xavier Abduction Case

On September 16, 1962, Telemaco Xavier was taken away by what some witnesses described as alien beings. Xavier was last seen walking home along a dark jungle trail after attending a soccer match in Vila Conceicao in northern Brazil. Three plantation workers testified that they had seen a lone man walking down a deserted road that night, when an illuminated circular object spraying sparks swept down from the sky. Three men leaped out, grabbed the lone stroller, and dragged him off, who was walking along the trail. At the same month, police officials learned that seventeen chickens, six pigs, and two cows also had all vanished during the UFO wave.

Rio de Janeiro newspapers quoted authorities who had discovered signs of a struggle where the worker said a fight had taken place between the man and his abductors.To the Brazilian newspapers it seemed evident that Telemaco Xavier was kidnappedby a flying disc, and some investigators suggested that the Brazilian had been added to a collection of Earth life which was to be scrutinized, evaluated, and analyzed in some alien laboratory.

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The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings by John A. Keel

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