Father Gill UFO Case

On 26 June 1959, the missionary Rev William Bruce Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Bosinai, Papua New Guinea and his staff witnessed a “sparkling object” descend from the clouds toward the mission. The craft was circular, with legs protruding from the bottom, and shone a blue ray of light into the sky. Four figures appeared on an upper deck. After 10 minutes, it rose back into the clouds, though returning an hour later.

On 27 June, a craft like the first one appeared, complete with mysterious crew, watched by over a dozen people. At that time about twenty-five natives, including teachers and medical technicians, also observed the phenomena. They "signaled" the humanoids and received an apparent response. When Gill gestured that the craft should land, the figures went back inside.
Sketch by witness Father Gill
On 24 November 1959 in federal parliament E.D. Cash, a Liberal member from Western Australia, asked the Minister for Air, F.M. Osborne, whether his department (specifically Air Force Intelligence) had investigated the reports. The minister's reply did not address this question, but instead focused on the general situation, indicating that most sightings of UFOs were explained and 'that only a very small percentage, something like 3 percent of reported sightings of flying objects cannot be explained'. A representative of one UFO group was advised by the Directorate of Air Force Intelligence that the Department was awaiting 'depth of evidence' on the New Guinea sightings.

Finally the Minister for Defense requested a report and the RAAF interviewed Gill on 29 December 1959, some six months after the sighting. Gill's recollection of the visit is that the two officers from Canberra talked about stars and planets and then left. He heard no more from them.

The Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook: "The Father Gill Case Papua New Guinea 1959"

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