Honey Island Swamp Monster

Near New Orleans, Louisiana, in the wild Honey Island Swamp, there lives-or so tradition has it-a swamp monster, a unique bipedal animal that leaves pointed three-toed footprints. Honey Island is a vast stand of bottomland swamp sitting between the east and west Pearl Rivers. Native Americans call this creature Letiche. Cajuns call it the Tainted Keitre. It is also called the Louisiana Wookie. The Honey Island Swamp Monster achieved national notoriety when filmmaker Alan Landsburg and oncamera host Leonard Nimoy featured the creature on the 1970s series "In Search of..."
Casts of the distinctive 3-toed tracks
of the Honey Island Swamp Monster (Loren Coleman)

In August 1963, Harlan E. Ford and a friend encountered a huge humanoid in Honey Island Swamp near Slidell, Louisiana. It glared menacingly at them and ran away on two legs.

In the 1980s, Loren Coleman interviewed locals with knowledge about the Honey Island Monster. One man told of past expeditions searching for them, and of finding their huge footprints. Another resident said he thought it looked generally like Bigfoot. However, most descriptions and tracks do not link the creature to Bigfoot.

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Pic Source:
Cryptozoology A-Z by Jerome Clark page 110

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