Cooper Family Falling Body Photograph

In the 1950s the Cooper family of Texas bought an old house and moved into it. So, they thought of preserving this memory by taking a picture of the whole family in their new home. On their first night there, the father took a photo of Mom and Grandma posing with the two kids at the dining room table. It shows the Cooper family sitting around a table. Everyone was happy and smiling. But little did they know that there was someone else joining in on their celebration. When the photograph was developed, the image of what appears to be a falling body emerged in the left hand side of the room. It hadn't been there when the father took the photo. So where had the ghostly figure come from? No one knew. 

There are perhaps other stories that state that an actual body did fall off from the ceiling exactly at the time the photograph was being taken. Why the face of the body remains darkened is another mystery.

Although the photo has been cropped, hence the family not appearing in the centre of the image, it was examined by experts, and deemed to be genuine. However, other people think it's a fake picture.


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