The Belmez Faces

On 23 August 1971, the Pereira family began to encounter strange human-like faces that appeared and disappeared in their home which located at the Pereira family home at Calle Real 5, Bélmez de la Moraleda, Jaén, Andalusia, Spain without explanation. Various faces have been frequently photographed by the local newspapers and curious visitors. Both the locations and times that the faces appear have been irregular. According to the story, one day in August, Maria Gomez told her husband a face had appeared on the concrete floor in the kitchen. Her husband immediately destroyed the image with a pickaxe—only to have it appear again later. The mayor of Bélmez was informed and forbade them from destroying the new face. Instead, the floor concrete was cut out and taken for study.

Many Bélmez residents believe that the faces were not made by human hand. Some investigators believe that it is a thoughtographic phenomenon - which is considered a form of psychokinesis among parapsychologists - subconsciously produced by the former owner of the house, María Gómez Cámara – now deceased.

By Easter of 1972 hundreds of people were flocking to the house to see the faces. For the next 30 years the Pereira family claimed that faces continued to appear, both male and female and of different shapes, sizes and expressions. As with many other paranormal occurrences, it was found that the house was built on a graveyard and bodies were found under the house. Despite having the floor replaced multiple times and cleaning the faces with detergent, they continued to appear without explanation. Skeptics claim the faces are a hoax, created with the use of an oxidizing agent.


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