Villa Magnoni The Cursed Building

Villa Magnoni which located in Cona, a village in the province of Ferrara, Italy is a long-abandoned complex, consisting of a residential building, stables, a large garden and an ice dug into the ground. Being situated on the edge of a grove, isolated from other houses, the villa has reputation as a cursed building. Moreover, the villa has several very large windows, also on the ground floor, all open and accessible. The complex has already been abandoned for some years and quite a few children in the area come here to spend a few hours of adventure, in the hot summer afternoons. But this time something really happens.

In the late 80s, a group of friends came into the house and once inside, they started hearing children singing from the garden. But they couldn’t find anybody outside there. 

While the kids are exploring a wing of the villa hear voices coming exactly on the other side of the building. Peering discover that there is an old, looking out the window of the first floor, who yells at them, threatening dire punishments for the intrusion. It's a strange presence, as Villa Magnoni is long abandoned and uninhabitable.

A few hours later, towards evening, three boys in the group are involved in a terrible car accident and lost his life. Just one of them survived. The city authorities decided to wall up all the windows of the house, except for one room, where there was no floor. The guy who survived the accident said the old woman appeared exactly from that window. The fact is that a few months later the town is walled entrances to the villa, with a high risk of collapse. Villa Magnoni is still abandoned and nobody wants to buy it.


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