Legend of The Dead Children's Playground

Dead Children's Playground located on Maple Hill Cemetery which was founded in 1822. It is the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama. There are many stories about unnatural phenomena that surrounded the playground. Some people say that it is the spirits of the cemetery's children that come out to play. But local legend has it that Huntsville suffered a rash of child abductions in the 1960’s, and the bodies of the children were found in the area of the playground. Since that time, there have been reports of swings moving on their own, children calling out, giggling, and when photos are taken, orbs of light believed to be the spirits of the children are captured. Much of this phenomenon occurs between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., far too late for any live child to be out playing.
Mapple Hill Cemetery

In fall of 2007, the City of Huntsville tried to take the playground over in order to further increase the area of the cemetery for graves and tombs. This was done literally overnight, one morning the playground was there and the next day all of the equipment was torn away and the area destroyed. The public outcry that resulted caused the City to pull the work order for the cemetery and new playground equipment was installed. This disturbance has not stopped the mysterious occurrences at the playground, however.





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