UFO Sighting Of Aberarth In 1955

A strange sighting from the west coast of Britain was reported by Gavin Gibbons in his book "The Coming of the Space Ships". The location was the coast of Dyfed (Wales), and the date was 24 March 1955:

"It was at 7.15 p.m. that Mrs. Harding, a farmer's wife of Aberarth, was called outside by her young daughter, who was pointing excitedly at the evening sky. She gazed out over the sea in the direction that Rosalyn, her daughter, indicated. There, to the north-west of where they stood, and well out to sea, was a large orange ball giving out a black trail and zig-zagging downwards. They remarked that it looked very like the sun except for the movement, and the long, black, smoky trail that streamed out behind. As they watched, it exploded and, still in the shape of an orange ball, plunged into the sea. The strange thing was that they could still see it glowing beneath the surface of the water, and this contnued for upwards of an hour after the object finally struck. The trail that it had left behind changed from black to grey before it dispersed; neither of the two wtchers had heard any sound from the ball, either in the air or in the sea."
Maybe it looked like this image (Glowing Orange Ball of Light – Fire in the Sky UFO –
 Zoomed In – Courtesy of Kaufman, TX – 10/21/2006)

A similar object was seen that evening from a coastal position some miles north, near Tywyn (Gwynedd). The two witnesses reported that after dropping into the sea, the bright orange object shot up into the sky again, leaving a grey trail behind it:

"Angelo and Salvatore Tornabene are, as may be assumed by their names, Italians and they work on the land in this pleasant corner of Wales. They are not very sure of the time, but think it was about 8 p.m. when they saw the bright orange object zigzagging down into the sea off Rhoslefain. (The date was March 24, 1955). They could not distinguish its shape or size, but confirm that it gave off a dark trail, like smoke, that became lighter in colour as it got lower. Suddenly the object stopped giving off smoke and substituted flame instead, before dropping straight into the sea. But it did not stay in the water for long. Almost at once it shot up into the sky again, this time leaving a grey trail behind it. It then shot northwards at great speed, leaving no trace in the water … But it is not clear whether or not they were watching the same object as was seen by the witnesses at Aberarth."


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