Frank and Carol's Time Slip Incident

In July 1996, Frank and his wife, Carol experiencing a strange phenomenon called time slip. One Saturday afternoon they were visiting Liverpool's Bold Street area for some shopping. At Central Station, the pair split up; Carol went to Dillons Bookshop and Frank went to HMV to look for a CD he wanted. As Frank walked up the incline near the Lyceum Post Office/Café building that lead onto Bold Street, he suddenly noticed he had entered a strange "oasis of quietness."

All of a sudden, a small 1950’s box van crossed in front of Frank, honking his horn in its progress. The van’s livery stated it was from “Caplan’s”. He looked down to his feet, and realised he was stood in the middle of the road. Frank crossed the road and saw that ‘Dillon’s Book Store’ now had a ‘Cripps’ signage over its entrances and moreover, the shop was selling women’s handbags and shoes rather than books.

Looking around the street, Frank realised that the people he could see were dressed in the fashions from the 1940’s but strangely a young woman in her 20’s walked past him with a popular brand named handbag. This reassured him that he was partially in 1996; he smiled at the girl as she walked past and entered ‘Cripps’.

As the pair went inside, Frank watched in amazement as the interior of the building completely changed in a flash to that of Dillons Bookshop of 1996. The girl turned to leave and Frank lightly grasped the girl's arm to attract attention and said, "Did you see that?"

She replied, "Yeah! I thought it was a clothes shop. I was going to look around, but it's a bookshop."

It was later determined that Cripps and Caplan's were businesses based in Liverpool during the 1950s. Whether these businesses were based in the locations specified in the story has not been confirmed.

Time slips are "often accompanied by feelings of depression, eeriness and a marked sense of silence, deeper than normally experienced," posits author Andrew MacKenzie in his book Adventures in Time: Encounters With the Past, drawing this conclusion based on his own interviews with people who have experienced the phenomenon.

Perhaps there is a natural phenomenon that under the right conditions and location can produce briefly a doorway to another time and place. Even though this may sound outrageous, this natural "time machine" could show that modern concepts and perceptions of time need to be seriously reconsidered. It may be that the past and even the future might be closer then thought with current scientific theories. With the right frame of mind and the right natural conditions, the barriers of time and space that have traditionally kept mankind locked into place may finally be broken, allowing the mysteries of the world and the universe to be finally revealed.


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