Mysterious Fish Captured by Indonesian Fisherman

A fisherman from the village of Kampung Baru, District Banda, Indonesia catch a mysterious fish while fishing around Banana Island not far from his village, on Sunday (09/27/2015). The physical form of the fish is very different and unique from other fish species. The fish has orange color, its whole body spiny, with hard scale. At first glance the fish similar with shark, but without teeth, it has six fins, big mouth and beard, as well as the tail-like crocodile or stingray. La Erna, fishermen who catch the fish, said fish were captured when he fishing with a boat behind Banana Island.

When he found the fish, he was very surprised because of the unusual physical form with other fish species. "Beta (I) was surprised to catch fish because it's face like a fighter plane, while the body like a shark and a tail like a crocodile," said La Erna to when contacted from Ambon on Monday (09/28/2015) night.

Intrigued by the fish he catched, he then told the villagers and other fishermen on his return from the sea. However, none of the villagers can identified the fish species. La Erna admitted, this is the first time he catch that mysterious fish.

"16 years as fishermen, this is first time i saw a fish like this, so i'm very shocked. People here were all amazed, and many came to see this fish," he said.

He said, because the first time he saw the fish species and on the advice of the people, he did not dare eat it. He then decided to bury the fish was not far from his home. However, before the fish was buried, many people who came to his home to take picture of the fish.

"Maybe they want to upload it on facebook. Later, my brother in Makassar see the photos of the fish. He immediately contacted me and asked me to keep the fish carefully. Finally, i dig the fish that already buried," said La Erna.


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