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Aer Lingus Passenger Runs Amok and Bites Another Passenger

A bizarre incident occured when a 24-year-old man reportedly became agitated in the middle of the two-hour Aer Lingus flight to Dublin and bit another passenger. He was restrained immediately and then fell unconscious and later died on the plane. It remains unclear when the man died but he is thought to have received attention from a medic before being declared dead on the ground at Cork airport. A post-mortem examination is to be carried out.

According to the Irish Mirror, the man was acting violent on an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland and tried to bite at least one fellow passenger. A pilot told controllers the man had "injured one or two passengers."

A technology worker who was returning to Ireland after a weekend away in Lisbon told Mailonline that he had been sitting next to the man for much of the flight and he had seemed normal at first.

He explained: He seemed OK. I had just been playing a game on my phone and listening to music but everything seemed fine.

'He then began shaking and shivering but I just thought it might have been cramp or something.

The captain of the flight declared a medical emergency and diverted the plane to Cork Airport, where it landed at around (5:40p.m.). The Mirror says all 168 passengers and crew members were taken off the flight. At least one passenger was taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries.

Aer Lingus has declined to comment on the incident other than to confirm the flight landed due to a medical emergency.


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