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Mysterious Sea Creature of Corfu

On October 2015, a Scottish tourist was left in shock after unwittingly capturing the image of a bizarre sea creature in his holiday snaps. Harvey Robertson, 52, was on a boat cruise with his family in Corfu when he took a number of photographs inside a sea cave of what looks like a cross between a crocodile and a hippo.Robertson said, “I was in a sea cave on a small boat about 20 miles south of Albania on the west coast of Greece.

"I was trying to capture the water colour and was not looking at the water, the flash went off.

“I only saw the creature when looking back through my pics.”
Unidentified Sea Creature

He added: "I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it.”
He explained, the large creature has a long snout which it poked up through the water while Harvey was boating in a cave. As Harvey held his camera over the side of the boat to take the pictures, the animal came to the surface - but he didn’t even know it was there. He caught the picture by accident.

He’s not the only one - experts have so far been unable to determine exactly what it was that visited Harvey’s boat that day.


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