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The Stone Circle of Burnt Hill

Burnt Hill is located in Heath, Massachusetts and is approximately 1,850 feet high. No one knows for certain where the stones on top of Burnt Hill came from. There are 21 of them, some weighing as much as 500 pounds, all jammed into the northern side of the mound’s bedrock. Researchers first hypothesized that the rocks were erected by a 19th-century farmer as property markers, but it appears that they are many hundreds of years older. The hill may have been used as an early observatory, as the stones appear to point to the surrounding mountains in a manner that could conceivably align with sunrise, sunset, and other planetary motions. They may have been mounted by Native American tribes, but even that remains uncertain.

Burnt Hill Stone Circle

These stones do not form a circle, but are more of a strung-out line with one small cluster of three tall stones. This cluster is formed of three standing stones in a rough triangle, with about six to seven feet between them. Recumbent within this space is a large roughly rectangular tapering slab, about a foot thick, three feet wide, and about six feet long. There are some jumbled stones around them.

There are many American Indian Stories telling of fierce yellow haired warriors who came from the North and built circles of stones and worshipped their gods there. Also there is a local legend in Heath, Massachusetts that H. P. Lovecraft summered there, visited the standing stones atop the local mountain, known as Burnt Hill, and used them as his model.


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