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Utsuro Bune The Mysterious Woman in the Hollow Boat

Utsuro Bune (or Utsuro Fune) in Japanese means "ship hole", a definition which clearly implies the villagers spoke of what they saw coming toward them that little floating boat-shaped bowl of rice. In the literature accompanying drawings found a description of a rounded metal ship arrived at the beach. From it emerges a woman dressed in light clothing and soft, inside the ship had letters that had never been seen (probably a language unknown to the locals). The description corresponds to what could be a UFO, according to the interpretation of the locals.

On February 22 in 1803, local fishers of the Harayadori shore in the Hitachi province saw an ominous "ship" drifting in the waters. Curious, they towed the vessel back to land, discovering that it was 3.30 metres (129.9 inches) high and 5.45 metres (212.6 inches) wide, reminding the witnesses of a KĊhako (Japanese incense burner). Its upper part appeared to be made of red coated rosewood, while the lower part was covered with brazen plates, obviously to protect it against the sharp-edged rocks. The upper part had several windows made of glass or crystal, covered with bars and clogged with some kind of tree resin. The windows were completely transparent and the baffled fishermen looked inside. The inner side of the Utsuro-bune was decorated with texts written in an unknown language. 
The fishermen found items inside such as two bed sheets, a bottle filled with 3.6 litres of water, some cake and kneaded meat. Then the fishermen saw a beautiful young woman, possibly 18 or 20 years old. Her body size was said to be 1.5 metres (4;feet, 11 inches). Her skin was as white as snow, and her long black hair hung down her back like a plume. The beauty of her face was enough to render us all speechless. Her clothes were like nothing we had ever seen before, made of some remarkable and mysterious fabric. She spoke no language that they could understand. She carried a small box, the contents of which are unknown. Under no circumstances would she allow others to hold the box or even get near it.

The Bermuda Triangle’s sister, the Dragon’s Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle), is a “danger zone” in the sea off the Southern coast of Japan. A large amount of boats have gone missing there along with 800+ people, never to be seen again. Some people believe that both the Bermuda and Dragon’s Triangle are actually where aliens have set up underwater bases (because it’s tough for us to find them there). Boats that make their way into alien territory aren’t guaranteed to make it through. Some would say that the Utsuro bune came from this “Dragon’s Triangle.”


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