Chubee The Teenaged Chupacabras

On June 13, 2008, Paul Dale Roberts, an experienced paranormal investigator,headed out to interview a young man with a very bizarre claim. In Paul’s words: I met Chubee at a Starbucks downtown. His story is very incredible. His speech pattern was hard to understand, because his tongue is deformed. He showed me his tongue, and it almost seemed tubular. He claimed that when he was a Chupacabras, he was able to inject his tongue into a goat’s throat and drain its blood. His tongue was his feeding device.

Chubee said that he is a hybrid. Half alien Gray and half human. I did notice that his eyes were somewhat slanted and large. He does have an unusual appearance. He claims he was raised in an underground base in Puerto Rico where the government is working alongside the Grays to create an army of super soldiers.
He tells me that many underground secret bases of the military are connected to hollow Earth. He goes on to tell me that natural hollow Earth entrances can be found at places like Mount Shasta, which leads to the Agharthean City of Telos, the Dero Caves in Indonesia, the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, Kentucky Mammoth Caves, the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and that we can also get to the City of Shing-Wa via an entrance near the China/Mongolian border. He goes on to elaborate that there are also entrances in Brazil and India, but he is not sure where they are. He went to a school in one of the cities in Hollow Earth. Experiments were done on him by the Grays and military, in which he had a strong craving for blood. The military allowed him with observation to comb the landscape of Puerto Rico to seek out food. Chubee said that at the time his skin was scaly and he had spines that went from the top of his head and down his back. He could leap a great distance and would hunt out dogs, cats, goats to drink their blood. The military observed his movements and kept a tracking device on him. They used this information for his ability to attack and be agile on a battlefield. 
Illustration of Chupacabra
Chubee tells me that the experiments that were conducted on him lasted from the age of 12 to the age of 19. Chubee claims that the military is experimenting with DNA manipulation and learned these techniques from the Grays. He claims that aliens that were here during the dawn of mankind (not the Grays) were manipulating DNA to create creatures like the Centaur. Half man and half horse. The Centaur's purpose was to be used on a battlefield. Chubee was rejected from the military's experiments because his human DNA started to override his other DNA. His spikes started to fall off, his scales fell off and skin tissue that resembled human skin over took his body. He became more human like and his craving of blood decreased. His agility decreased and he found himself being 'humanlike'. The military had no more use for him. Through a series of 'mind warping', the military felt he forgot his years with the secret military base and allowed him to go into society with false memories of being raised in Puerto Rico by normal parents and going to school. He was constantly assisted by strangers (that he now feels were the military) in obtaining jobs, finding an apartment, etc.
Chubee claimed that I am the first person to learn this story. He discovered his past life with the military and the Grays through a series of dreams. Now the dreams have stopped and a flood of memories of what he used to be has invaded his consciousness.

Chubee, now 23 years old, resides in a town in Northern California and is making a living driving a truck. He claims friends brought him to Northern California and found him a job as a truck driver. His “friends” he believes are members of the secret military. He said that all he wanted to do was to tell his story, and to inform people that there is so much more going on with our world and universe than we can even imagine.


Real vampires, night stalkers, and creatures of the night by Brad Steiger.
Chubee: I Was a Teenage Chupacabra By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
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