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Hag with Two Faces

Bell island is definitely a strange place of and in itself. A banshee aka the Hag with Two Faces is believed to wander at Dobbin’s Garden and the surrounding marshland. They are reported to appear in two forms, as a beautiful woman dressed in white or as a frightening old hag. Local legend holds that men who have gone near this area have mysteriously gone missing for days at a time. Except for the foul odor as a hag in tattered clothes crawled toward them and forced them toward the ground.

Apparently, origin of the Bell Island hag is found in a tragic tale of death. A young woman became lost in the Bell Island marshes (Dobbin’s Garden marsh); she cried out for help but the townspeople feared the marsh. They believed the little people inhabited the area. 
Irish folk do not interfere in the lives of little people in the hope that the little people will leave them alone. Little people are the source of bad luck, missing and broken objects, disappearances and even death. The woman screamed for help but the people in the town closed the windows, doors and ears to the cries which became increasingly pitiful until they suddenly ceased. It is assumed that she died although a body was never recovered.

After her tragic death, men began to report losing days after venturing into the marsh; emerging with confused tales of a beautiful woman or a horrible hag but with one consistent detail – a horrible smell of decay and death surrounding them. The last thing many remembered was being forced to lie down by one of the two figures. One imagines that the beautiful woman entity has far less difficulty getting the men to “lay upon the ground”


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