The Anguished Man The Haunted Painting

A mysterious painting entitled, The Anguished Man, had been an unwanted gift from a friend that Sean Robinson’s grandmother stowed away in the attic insisting it was “evil”. She claimed a dark figure had been lurking through her house ever since she received the painting and that strange noises such as crying were coming from it. The artist who created The Anguished Man was an incredibly disturbed individual who mixed his own blood in with the oil paint when painting the piece and committed suicide immediately following its completion. Sean Robinson, being a skeptic, did not believe in his grandmother’s story or the supposed paranormal events she experienced after receiving it.

Shortly after Sean displayed the painting in his home, he and his wife began seeing a dark figure, as his grandmother had claimed seeing. The couple said strange noises seemed to be coming from the painting including scratching an a man crying. Sean described, “We have heard crying coming from te corner of the bedroom. We started seeing the dark figure standing at th bottom of the bed, just staring at us. It seems to be a middle-aged man but his features are not very clear.”. Sean’s wife was so unsettled by the happenings in their home she refuses to live with The Anguished Man. Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, has gained quite a bit of attention on the web from filming supposed activity surrounding the mysterious painting and releasing the “evidence” on YouTube.

According to Dread Central, Sean Robinson explained the mysterious painting via email:

"Unfortunately and to disappoint all the collectors of haunted items and all the horror fans looking for the best Christmas present ever, we have to let you down by telling you that the painting is locked away in a secure place and it is not for sale.

“The Anguished Man” painting was given to me by my Grandmother. The artist of the painting is unknown, but we do know that the artist mixed his own blood into the paint and committed suicide not long after the painting was finished, says the owner of the painting, Mr. Sean Robinson. – All other paintings appearing for sale online which claim to be “The Anguished Man” are frauds and no one should buy those. I can guarantee you that the original haunted painting is locked away in a secure location, and I have no intentions of selling it. That could be dangerous, and it would not be wise for anyone to lay their hands on the painting ’cause it is really active and really strange things happen for people who are in the same room, or even in the same house with the painting, Robinson says."

Several paranormal TV series’ and investigation teams have studied the mysterious painting and it has been mentioned as one of the Top 5 haunted items in the world, alongside the “Dybbuk box,” “Annabelle Doll,” “Robert the Doll” (the original Chucky doll), and “Chair of Death.”


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