Ghost Sighting at Boulderado Hotel

The Hotel Boulderado constructed between the years 1905 and 1908 for a cost of $132,000. Its located at the intersection of 13th and Spruce, this venerable building has seen both good times and bad, and has no shortage of history. As with any hotel, the Boulderado has experienced its share of death. The chloroform suicide notwithstanding, two suicides by gunshot took place there (one on the fire escape), and several deaths occurred due to natural causes.

Investigator Richard Estep was told of a woman in white dress stalking the upper corridors, and of pots and pans moving unaided in the kitchen. While human-shaped figures and strange voices were reported in rooms 302 and 304 – one of them apparently the site of a messy suicide bid in 1924.

Recently, on March 2016, a photographer documenting the big day revealed the chilling presence in a snap from the haunted hotel. A long-haired black figure is seen locking the view of the bride, staring towards the happy couple. Yet nobody was there when the picture was taken, leaving no easy explanation for the sinister presence.


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