Shell-Shaped UFO Sighting Over Siberia

Two young Siberians filmed a mysterious bright, shell-shaped UFO flying through the night sky over Siberia. Footage uploaded to YouTube shows the strange UFO as it floated in the sky over Cherlak, in the Cherlaksky District of Omsk Oblast in Siberia, Russia, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, according to the Siberian Times.

Petr Mironov, 22, described the UFO as a "kind of flame" and said he was "holding it [the camera] firm" as it allegedly passed over Cherlak on Wednesday, the Siberian Times reported. "Look, it's a kind of flame. You see the ball. It is cone-shaped, and we're not seeing this with our eyes," he said.

The bright light allegedly seen in the night sky on 29 June sometimes seemed circular, other times long and narrow, if not square, as it flounced around the sky. Later it appeared to remain more still. The man who filmed the 'visitation' over Cherlak, Petr Mironov, 22, insisted he did not move the camera, and said it was the 'UFO' that was shaking. On the bizarre video, he says: 'Here it is. Wow. I'm filming it. Look, it flounces. Look, we do not see this but the camera does. No, I'm not shaking the camera, I'm holding it firm. 'Look, it's a kind of flame. You see the ball. It is cone-shaped, and we're not seeing this with our eyes.' 

His girlfriend Tatiana Kopylova, 23, who uploaded the footage, said that a number of cone or diamond-shaped objects apparently flew over the Irtysh River for about two hours.

However a local astronomer claims the cameraman may have been focusing as close as he could on the star or a satellite and the movement is the shaking of the camera.

Vladimir Krupko told OmskZdes : "I'm sure that we see a starry sky being filmed. But there is a lack of information on the time of the shooting. This and the fact that they filmed the video using 'close-up' doesn't allow me to say which part of the sky was filmed.


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