Mysterious Flying Creature

On 1880 a bat-like humanoid called the Louisville's Demon Leaper was famous enough that on Sept. 12, the accounts of the creature made its way into the headlines of the New York Times. "An Aerial Mystery," it read. The Courier Journal and the Madisonville Times also kept tracked of the wing creature. "The Courier Journal reported that people downtown were terrorized by what they called an agile monkey. Some people say he was wearing a kind of shiny suit. Other people say it was his skin that was shining. A lot of people refer to him as Kentucky's Moth Man," Dominé further explained.

Recently, more than a dozen sightings of a bat-like humanoid have been reported in Chicago. Several sightings of large bat-like humanoids have been reported to UFO Clearinghouse. On July 20th, July 27th, and July 29th.

The witness of the July 27th gave this description of the incident, 

“I was leaving work at about 8:45pm on Thursday night in The Loop as I walked the two blocks to the nearest train station to go home I saw a large bat-like creature that was perched on top of one the streetlight poles across the street from the Harold Washington Library. This creature stood about 7 ft tall and was sitting there motionless.”

“It had a pair of glowing red eyes that appear to be fixated on something across the street. It stood there for about 6 seconds that’s when I saw a flash from a group of kids on the sidewalk as someone was taking a picture of this thing. It then spread open a large pair of wings flapped them a couple of times and took off into the air. The girls from that group of kids screamed and they all took off running.”

28-year-old IT technician Alex Nasirc told Cryptozoology News he was in Santa Maria Del Aguila, Almeria when he witnessed the purported being.

A strange winged animal, he says, was 25 meters — about 82 feet — away from him.

“It looked like a dog with wings. I couldn’t see the front legs, just the rear ones. It didn’t have front legs. ”

He says the odd creature took off the building and began to fly. That’s when he claims he could take a better look at it.

“It was heavy. The way it flapped its wings looked either tired or about to fall to the ground. The legs where hanging. It seemed featherless. It looked like skin. It had a pale color. It looked pinkish. But at night time the lights from the parking lot have a different spectrum,” he recalls. “It did not seem to hunt anything nor was it in any rush.”

Nasirc says the animal then disappeared, but was able to describe some additional physical features.

“Thick, short beak. It looked like a carnivores’ nose. The head seemed to be stretched at the back. Bulky torso or body. Curved wings with arms look alike. Span around 2 to 3 meters wide — about 9 to 10 feet –. Thick, powerful back legs that were held diagonally, almost vertically. Long, thin tail. Heavy, slow movement. Pale pink color. Size of a massive dog or a big feline like tiger or lion. It looked like skin texture. No feathers. No scales. It almost moved like a robot.”

Dr. Ernest Bartels called a giant bat-like flying cryptid, the Ahool, which was first sighted by  while exploring the Salak Mountains in Java, is believed to have gray fur, large black eyes and an approximated wingspan of 1o ft. Some cryptozoologists, like Ivan T. Sanderson, suspect it might be a relative of the African kongamato while others opt for the pterosaur theory.


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