The Legend of Drangurinn Rock

Drangurinn is a very special tuff rock formation that stands alone underneath Drangshlíd farm in the foothills of Eyjafjöll.This big mysterious rock called Drangurinn Rock, almost the height of 20 men. But according to Icelandic folklore, it did not get there naturally. It is said a semi-legendary outlaw tore it from Mount Hrútafell and dropped it there. A folklore tells of a strongman named Grettir Ásmundsson who was showing off and ripped the giant boulder right out of Hrútafell cliff, leaving a chasm which is now above Skarðshlíð. Under these rocks are caves and passages to which additional buildings have been added throughout the centuries.

The caves beneath the rock, where human farmers would keep their cows and hay, are said to have been home to elves. One day a man who had been in Skarðshlíð (above Drangshlíð) had been missing for days. He had been with the elves in the Drangurinn rock, and told people that an elf woman wanted to marry him.

And he said that many people lived in the rock and it was lovely being with them; they were decent and orderly and as beautiful as human beings. He said that they went to church in Skóganúpur; there was a big church there and another church in the valley, as there were so many people.

He said that they owned sheep, cows, horses and ships and the men would very often row and catch fish as we humans do. They would carry the fish home on horses and there were many similarities between them and us; they had lamplight and candles.

When he disappeared after his days of labor were over, it was believed he had married an elf-woman.


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