A Mysterious Dragon Skeleton Discovered In China

Recently, a mysterious dead 'dragon' has been discovered by residents of a Chinese village who claim that the bizarre skeleton is proof that the mythical creature actually exists. The skeleton includes a large skull and two tiny arms - extending across a stretch of grass. It was found laid out in a field in Zhangjiakou City, in China's northern Hebei Province.

A translation of the story at wukong.com says the skeleton measured about 60 feet long with a horned skull and two tiny arms at the neck-body joint.

The villagers are not sure what to make of the skeleton, but a superstitious few seemed convinced that they were indeed looking at the remains of the mythical creature. Local authorities in Zhangjiakou have also yet to release a statement about the so-called dragon remains. 

Netizens on Chinese social media said the ribby skeleton appeared to have been placed there intentionally, perhaps as a prop for a movie, but so far no one has come forwards to confirm these claims. It has not yet been confirmed what the remains are, but the discovery has sparked interest on social media.






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