Dammestenen The Ladies Stone

In Denmark, massive rocks sometimes reverred, even worshipped, and one of them is the Dammestenen also known as the Ladies Stone which located outside the village of Hesselager on the western par of island of Funen. It is a gigantic granite boulder, around 45 metres in circumference, with an estimated weigt of perhaps 1,000 tons. The boulder goes under several different names: Ladies's Stone or Hesselager Stone. On the far side of the stone, there is a door-like crack. Several people claim to have seen light shining from this crack at night.
The Massive Dammestenen (courtesy of Dr. Lars Thomas)

In the old days the Damestenen gave rise to myths and legends, including two versions of the many different narratives dealing with the origin of the stone:

People say that a female giant or troll who lived at Hou (the northern end of Langeland), embittered over the spire of Svindinge Church serving the seafarers to too good a mark in anger once threw stones against the said Svindinge spire. But although one can not deny that the good female giant possesed some power and understood the art of taking aim, the stone has only reached 2/3 of the way to the church.

Another version:
When the giant had thrown the stone and it was well on its way to Svindinge Church, there came an angel down from heaven and put a foot on it so that it fell down to the ground where it now lies. And on the top of the stone some people claims there is seen the mark of a foot.

The geologist Johan Georg Forchhammer examined the stone, but could not determine its size. Therefore, in 1840 he suggested an excavation of the stone. Forchhammer believed that the shape and rounding of the stone were caused by friction stripes and that this proved that the stone had previously been lying at the bottom of the sea. Therefore the stone must have been part of a solid rock.

But today it is believed that the stone came from the Baltics with a glacier during the ice age. The stone was stucked in the soil, and the glacier covered the stone causing its friction stripes.


Paranormal Magazine Issue 56, February 2011: "Dane-lore : 10 of the weirdest sites in Denmark" written by Dr. Lars Thomas page 23



Pic Source:

Paranormal Magazine Issue 56, February 2011: "Dane-lore : 10 of the weirdest sites in Denmark"
written by Dr. Lars Thomas page 24

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