The Ghost of Cassie Foster

The ghost of Cassie Foster was seen haunting the western side of White Deer Valley near Elimsport, few years after her death. According to local legend, she was unable to rest in peace because she was buried in the wrong grave. The earliest sightings of her ghost are from 1902, just a few years after her body was found inside her house, at the foot of the mountain that divides Elimsport from Collomsville.
Cassie was first arrived in Pennsylvania after her wealthy husband's death. At that time, she settled in White Deer Valley and bought twenty acres of timber land, upon which she built herself a two-story log cabin. On one of the window ledges in the attic bedroom of Cassie's cabin was a deep axe mark where, with one swift blow, she had decapitated an enormous snake that had attempted to gain entry through her bedroom window. She later told a neighbor, "I could hardly kill the poor thing. It looked so pitifully at me!"

One day, Cassie's body was discovered by two farmers' wives who had decided to pay a visit to the cabin because they had not seen her for a while. When they reached the cabin, the door stood open. Cassie's shoes stood on the floor, but there was no sight of her. One of visitors climbed the stairs to the attic bedroom and found the old woman dead in her bed, her withered body and face having taken on the appearance of a mummy. A dozen rats scampered from the bed when the men of Elimsport arrived at the cabin to take control of the situation later.

A coroner's jury inspected the cabin and viewed the old woman's remains, and concluded that she had died of starvation. When they turned over the body an old, dirty envelope fell out of Cassie's clothing. The packet was found to contain $300, which was a considerable sum of money in those days. Why she had chosen to starve herself to death remains a mystery. Nonetheless, because of its advanced state of decay and ungodly stench, the corpse was ordered to be buried at once, and was promptly deposited in a grave at the Elimsport Cemetery.
Elimsport Cemetery

3 days later, after word of Cassie's death had reached Williamsport, it was discovered that she had a will drawn up about a year before her death. In her will she bequeathed all of her worldly possessions to the Salvation Army. A bank book found inside her cabin revealed that she had tucked away a veritable fortune at a bank in Williamsport, and this, too, was left to the Salvation Army. However, the final clause in her will stated: "My body shall be buried at a point a few rods northeast of my house, on a knoll where stands a chestnut stump surrounded by a group of chestnut saplings, which group is all the monument I require, my body to be encased in a metal casket." Unfortunately, Cassie Foster had been buried days before her last will and testament was discovered and read. And while her bones still rest in the cemetery at Elimsport, Cassie's soul never found peace. Shortly after her burial people passing the old woman's cabin at night began seeing strange lights shining through the windows, and they claimed to have heard the murmurings of an old woman in prayer.

Several credible witnesses claim to have encountered Cassie's ghost on the old road from Elimsport to Collomsville. The last recorded sighting of Cassie Foster's ghost took place in 1905, it was seen by a traveler coming over the mountain on his way from Collomsville. They claimed to have seen the ghostly form distinctly and, at one point, the spectre made its way to the entrance of the abandoned log cabin. The ghost then waved its arms as if it were about to fly before vanishing into thin air.


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