Mysterious Metal Spheres Falling From The Sky In Peru

On January 27, 2018, local residents from Peru’s southeastern Andean community were terrified after finding three mysterious metal objects in nearby fields. They found the huge rocks hours after dozens of pictures and videos of a blazing object, taken in the Peruvian towns of Tingo Maria and Pucalklpa, which are 115 miles away from each other, were uploaded to social media. At that time, they discovered three mysterious objects falling from the sky and engulfed in flames. However, the Peruvian Air Force said the incident might be the re-entry of the SL-23 rocket and the three objects were fuel tanks from satellites.


Romulo Barros, the chief of the fire service in the Brazilian municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul, said that the local Navigation Centre had said the object was probably a meteorite. He added that he believed the object had landed in the border region between the Acre and Peru. Barros also confirmed there had been no international flights in the airspace at the time of the incident.

He suggested the ball was more likely made up of space debris, a term used to describe defunct man-made objects, such as old satellites, that are left in space.

Two years ago similar balls were found in Vietnam. Three metal spheres between 10 and 31 inches in diameter had Cyrillic writing on them and were found about 60 miles apart.


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