The Curse of The Basano Vase

According to a legend, this silver vase made in the 15th century was given to a bride on the eve of her wedding near Napoli, Italy. Sadly, she'd never make it to the altar as she was murdered that very night for unknown reasons with the vase in her hands and with her last breath swore to seek vengeance. From there, it was passed down her family line, but anyone who took possession of it is said to have perished soon thereafter. After untold deaths, the family boxed the vase away.

It resurfaced in 1988 with a note that is said to have read, “Beware…This vase brings death.” However, when the Basano Vase was auctioned, the note had been excluded from the item description. The warning was discarded, & the vase was quickly sold off at auction selling for four million Lera, & its reign of death continued. The buyer was a local pharmacist & owned the vase up until he died mysteriously just three months later. His family quickly sold it to a prominent surgeon who did not believe in such things as curses, & died two months later, aged 37.

After a short amount of time, the vase was sold yet again to an archaeologist who purchased it for his own private collection & saw the vase as a true artefact of the high renaissance. Three months later, he died of an unknown infection. The family decided to sell the fancy vase, but it started to gain a reputation & was considered bad luck. They was unable to get back the four million Lera he brought it for, but they still managed to sell it.

This time it took only one month before the curse of the Basano Vase took the new owners life. By this time the townsfolk believed in the curse, including the remaining families, & tossed the vase out of the window where it nearly hit a policeman on the head. Fined for disorderly behaviour the thrower refused to take it back, as did any museums refuse to add it to their collections. 

Where it remains now is unclear, but it is believed to be buried in a lead coffin somewhere that is not accessible.


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