Enepsigos The Demon With Two Heads

Enepsigos is a demon in the shape of a woman with two heads. She has countless other names and can shapeshift into a goddess and other forms. Enêpsigos is mentioned as an angel within the Testament of Solomon 64: 1-7 where King Solomon asked Enêpsigos which angel she was frustrated by. However, Enêpsigos refers to herself as a goddess, replying back, "I undergo changes, like the goddess I am called". Most often she takes three forms because she hovers near the moon (which has three forms: waxing, full, and new).


Enepsigos is conjured up as Kronos, Greek god of time, and she is frustrated by Rathanael who resides in the third heaven and is the thwarter of demons. He is said to also have the power of inhibiting and controlling the female demon Enêpsigos as she is a moon goddess and should be identified as Hekate. The third heaven is located beyond the sight of humans, the dwelling place of God.

In the Testament of Solomon, Enepsigos is bound by King Solomon with a triple-link chain and is made to prophesy. She predicts that Solomon’s kingdom will be divided and the Temple of Jerusalem will be destroyed by the kings of the Persians, Medes, and Chaldeans. The tools in the temple will be used to serve other gods. The vessels used to trap all the demons will be broken by men, and the freed demons will go throughout the world, leading men astray until the Son of God is crucified. This Son of God shall be born of a virgin and shall be the only one to hold power over demons. His name is Emmanuel.

Solomon does not believe Enepsigos and has her bound in unbreakable chains. But later he witnesses the truth of part of her prophesy, when he is led astray by women to worship pagan gods, and his kingdom is divided by God.


The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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