Russian Soldiers Turned to Stone After Shooting Down a UFO

The report in question, created on March 27 1993, is a translation by the CIA of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper Ternopil vechirniy.

The newspaper report said that after Mikhail Gorbachev lost power in 1991, many KGB files made their way to the CIA, including an alleged 250-page dossier on the bizarre UFO attack, which included pictures and witness testimonies.

The report suggested that a low flying flying saucer had appeared over a military unit in training in Siberia, before one of the soldiers fired a surface to air missile, bringing it down.

Much of this information has actually been available since the mid-1990s.

Rumors that lasted many years, where the Russians had the first contact with the gray aliens, and this fact supposedly occurred in 1942.

Now this document declassified by the cia reveals that an extraterrestrial ship was shot down by the Russians and that its extraterrestrial occupants killed some of the Russian soldiers.

It said: "Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out from the debris."

Two soldiers are said to have survived, who described how, after emerging from the debris, the five beings merged into a brilliant white spherical ball of light that buzzed and hissed.

It then exploded, and as it did 23 soldiers who stood watching were turned into stone, the report claimed.

The two survivors had been in a shaded area, it said.

"The aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions."

It is not explained in the document why the CIA held a translation of the Ukrainian newspaper report on file.


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