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Several Inventions That Succeeded Created Invisible Cloak

The technology that had only existed in science fiction films began to approach reality. Some of these discoveries turned out to be able to make an object or someone invisible, similar with an invisible robe from Harry Potter movie: 

1. Invisible Robe created by Japanese Scientist 

In 2003, scientists in Japan have succeeded in creating invisibility robes. 

The team of researchers from Keio University led by Dr. Susumu Tachi using computer technology called retro-reflective projection technology. A raincoat made of unique fabric consists of 50 micron glass beads, which can reflect light like a cinema screen. 

2. Infinity Tower

American architectural firm GDS Architects has designed a 1,500-foot-high skyscraper called the Infinity Tower on the outskirts of Seoul Incheon in South Korea which will be surrounded with cameras and LED lights on the glass facade so that it can project the tower to become transparent. 

But the "perfect disappear" effect can only be seen from a certain point of view. The technology prototype is still in the development stage, it is expected that in the next few years it can be applied to simpler objects. 

3. Rochester Cloak Technology 

Physicists at the University of Rochester have created a very versatile cloaking device, which hides an object from the eye. 

All it takes is four lenses, an optical bench to hold the lens in place. The four lenses, when aligned correctly, will deflect the light around the object you are placing between them, covering the object in the process. 

4. Invisible Cloak created by Chinese Scientist 

On December 2017, Chen Shiqu, deputy head of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's Criminal Investigation Department, uploaded a video claiming that he had succeeded in creating a translucent fabric that could be useful for the military. 

The information in the video reads: 'This is a fabric made with quantum technology from transparent material, it can reflect light waves around the person who wears it so that it can make the person disappear. "The 1.31-minute video shows a man holding a robe that hides his body, while making the background visible. 

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