A Digital Painting From 4 Years Ago Predicting Tsunami That Hit Palu

The earthquake that shook Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia and followed by a tsunami wave at the end of September, was already predicted by a Donggala citizen with digital painting media 4 years ago. 

Through a Facebook account named Abee Zam-Zami Djalaludin, the man uploaded a photo he had engineered in Photoshop describing the city of Palu which was hit by the tsunami disaster on June 4, 2014. With the background of the Yellow Bridge and several cars that appeared to be damaged and burned by the tsunami, three children were followed by several white horses running for safety. 

The digital Painting from 4 years ago (June 2014)

A few days after the earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred on September 28, 2018, Abee's photo was the subject of conversation and became viral in social media because the incident in the photo became a reality, even though it was made 4 years ago. When he first uploaded the photo, Abee did not give a caption, but only marked a few of his friends' Facebook accounts. 

Condition of The Yellow Bridge after hit by Tsunami (September 2018)

When asked in the comment column regarding his tsunami photo, Abee replied that he had inspiration from a dream. Because he is an expert in graphic design, he also tried to recreate the events in his dreams into digital engineering photos. He never thought that his dream could come true 4 years later. 


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