Mysterious Object Washed Ashore On The Beach Of South Carolina

On the beach of South Carolina has been found a strange mysterious object. According to eyewitnesses, visually it resembles a part of a space ship made of granite and metal of unknown type. The mysterious object has left a local community baffled, with experts admitting they’re unsure what it is and where on earth (or space) it came from.

Information about the strange object was released on the facebook page of an expert staff from the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network after receiving reports from local residents. At first they hoped to see creatures that were not yet known, but apparently they found objects made of large granite with metal elements. The cylindrical object weighing about 90 kilograms appeared on the Seabrook Island shoreline in South Carolina on Thursday.

Lauren Rust, the executive director of the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, was among the first on the scene.

Even local resident Jennifer Passantino who witnessed the item first hand on her morning walk admits she is conflicted as to where it came from.

“I assume(d) it was a buoy, but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship,” she wrote on Facebook.

But a few days later the object disappeared. According to several eyewitnesses, it was quickly whisked away by town officials.

According to ufologists, the object is actually a UFO, which fell on the coast of the United States. But NASA has not commented on the discovery of the strange object. Uphologists believe that the object was sent to the research center, but the results will be kept secret from the public.

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