Mystery of Maxtaloya Statue

Mysterious "alien-like" statue surrounded by a snake and holding or sitting on a human head, which contains in addition four inlays of mineral elements such as obsidian, turquoise, jade and shell was uncovered by municipal workers in the small town of Maxtaloya. The obvious reasons it is described as “alien” are the large, odd-shaped head and the oval eyes that are often seen in depictions of aliens such as the Greys.

Rafael Julián Montiel, in charge of the Xiutetelco museum in Mexico, said that since there is a border between this municipality and the archaeological zone of Cantona, among other communities, pieces of this nature could still be found, at the same time undertaking a monitoring of this area, to be on the lookout, especially during the development of the works, avoiding that some of them could be damaged.

According to Montiel, the Maxtaloya statue is one of over 5,000 various artifacts discovered in the Maxtaloya area. As they are found, they’re taken to the museum in Xiutetelco for care and exhibition. The “alien” statue was obviously unusual enough and authentic enough to warrant a special announcement of its discovery.

Also, he added that in this community of Maxtaloyan there is a volcano, similar to the community of Los Humeros in the municipality of Chignautla, so it is believed that after erupting, it could have buried an entire prehispanic village located on this site , since in addition to said piece, a skull of basaltic material was found, among other minor pieces, that will now be exhibited in the local museum.


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